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--Boring troubles- One as bad as they've been.-

Below is a boring job we've completed that gave us a little trouble due to conditions and locating exactness while boring. It's from a "Water Well" system with a water leak under a concrete apron. Which we bored from the well to a block wall in the basement, installing a 1" water line and an electric line in the same bore hole.
(These pictures were taken 10 days after the completion of the job.)

fig.#1 fig.#2 fig.#3

The first bore was in the corner of the located cement cutout, making it necessary to make a second hole in the wall. (Hole was 1 1/2" off.) In this way we cemented shut the out side of the block wall with hydraulic cement. This cement can stop flowing water if needed. Since this leak had been around awhile water was seeping into the out side block wall. But if the first hole wouldn't have been off we could have cemented it up in the round, stoping the water from getting inbetween the walls block, letting us just cement the inside flat.

Below is the outside look of the job above's inside. The area between the well and the blacktop is about 4 feet. Dirt has spilled on the blacktop sightly. The area in the hole was very wet from weeks of leakage. This made it necessary to reblock the machine before pull back due to a sinking machine.

fig.#1 fig.#2

The entire bore was 41 feet. But the clay bore hole swelled back up making it hard to pull the needed pipe and wire to get to the well. So the wetness of the boring area and the leaks closeness to the setup created a few problems, but it was just a matter of time untill we over came them and finish the job. Leaving the cleanup much less than it would have been without underground directional boring. With the repair of the driveway or apron and sidewalk.

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