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Information on- That Rotten Egg Smell

Now in some places understand that this problem is a problem with nature and there are no easy ways out.... But here in S.E. Wisconsin, there are a few reason's for this smell.(Causes and possible remedy for this problem.) For purposes of this information to see what the cure for yours could be first you must do a "WELL CHLORINATION".

(Help with this maybe provided with this link below if necessary.)


And Now Information On The Results

{A.}The Well Is "CHLORINATED"-And the smell goes away for many months or longer.
Answer: Keep "CHLORINATING" the well to keep the smell away.

{B.}The Well Is "CHLORINATED"-And the smell stays away for a few days.
Answer: Your tanks bladder has the smell and the tank needs to be replaced most likely.

{C.}The Well Is "CHLORINATED"-And the smell never goes away, or stayes away only as long as the "CHORINE" is in the system and not long afterwards(Approx. a day or less).
Answer: A mechanical means of removing the smell maybe required such as a iron/sulfur removing system.

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