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--Boring troubles- One as bad as they've been.-

Below is a boring job we've completed that gave us a little trouble due to conditions and locating exactness while boring. It's from a "City or Municipal Water Service" which had alot of ground water around the curb stop, starting at 4 feet in depth. the connection was at approx 7 feet, which was at the max. depth of the stop setting. It is at its max now in the dirt on the pictures, giving one the idea of how deep it was. We think they had alot of ground water when the stop was first installed by the main's contractor, as the ground dug up in the area was more then most, and the stop depth was deeper than most.
(These pictures were taken 7 days after the completion of the job.)

fig.#1 fig.#2

The first cut was to high and to the right, making it necessary to make a second hole in the wall. The locator failed to provide a exact locate. (Hole was 5" off.) It took quite some time digging in the first cut in the solid pored walls hole to find the bore hole. When it was found we drilled the 2nd 5" core bit hole. The wall was 8" thick, it took approx. an hour a hole to drill them.

Below is the outside look of the job above. The area above was dugout to the right more than most due to the wetness of the area at time of the connection. One can see the curb stop in the picture which is set at its maxuim depth at this time.

fig.#1 fig.#2

The entire bore was 37 feet. Before pull back of the 1" Cooper Tube Size 200 P.S.I. water pipe, we had to reset the boring machine due to sinking of the machine during the bore in.

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