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Well Caps Information!

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These are examples of well covers that "ARE NOT VARMIN PROOF"

Heres a few types of well covers that "ARE VARMIN PROOF"

Heres tips to see that your "VARMIN PROOF" cap(cover) is(Was) installed correctly.


{A} Inside the well, under a varmin proof well caps top, we can inspect the electrical conduit to see if its sealed, around the outside, and also in the inside.(Where the wires are.) As insects crawl through the ground up that conduit into the well. So if these are not sealed.... Seal them with silicon sealer or caulk.(Push the tip inside the conduit deep and fill from many angles to insure that a air void won't break the seal when you repositio n the wires to reinstall the well cap's top.)

{B} Next look to see if the gasket around the well is tight, so that when the cover is bolted down the gasket will be pushing into the wells casing. If not - this may be sealed with a bead of silicon or caulk sealer, between the wells casing and the inside bottom half of the cover. (The "Green Turtle caps" have this problem alot as the o-ring seal between the well and the bottom half of the cap is hard to install correctly.)

{C} Now look to see if theres any bolt or set screws that have been left out.(Without the bolts or screws.) Such as the ELECTRICAL grounding screw or the set screws or bolts that hold the bottom half of the cover on the well. If so replace the b olts or screws, or silicon or caulk holes shut.

{D} Also look at the screen and see that it is not broken open, or installed badly leaving a hole open to the out side. Close this hole but leave a screen area open to let the well breath.(For when the well is drawn down the vacuum needs to be released, or your system will have to work harde r to over come this.) As a vacuum could break a hole open to the outside that could let insects in.

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